Water is known as a universal solvent because of its ability to dissolve virtually everything that comes in contact with it, either immediately or with time. Another important function of water is that it serves as a transportation medium. Water as a fluid plays a key role in the human body. In fact, the human body contains 70% fluid and helps in the digestive process in the body. When water of good quality is consumed, it plays a good role to maintain a healthy body.


Water is said to be of good water when it is portable and wholesome for human consumption. Good water quality has less impurity and is colourless, tasteless as well as odourless. Few practical ways to ensure a good water quality is through boiling, filtering the water. When you drinking regularly water of good quality, there is tendency of reduced visit to hospital for ill health, hence, water quality is key to a having a good health which is productive.



IT HELPS TO FLUSH TOXINS FROM THE BODY: as water serves as transport medium, to move nutrients to every cells, tissues and organs of the body to enhance their maximum function as well as aid to flush toxins out from the body. The flushing of toxins is achieved through urination and sweat hence, reducing the risks of kidney related disease.

REGULATE BODY TEMPERATURE: The temperature of the body is regulated by the ability of water to release heat when the ambient temperature is higher than the body temperature. This is usally enhanced when the body sweats, which helps to cool the body afterwards.

IT HELPS IN FOOD DIGESTION AND TRANSPORTATION: Water helps to breakdown food substances in the body so that the food nutrients can easily be absorbed by the cells, tissues and organs and it helps to remove waste from the body, by softening such waste for easy removal to avoid constipation

IT HELPS TO HYDRATE THE HUMAN BODY:  When the body is hydrated, it enables the system to perform its functions well. When the body is not hydrated, you could have muscle cramps, weakness as it is the work of water to lubricate the joints and muscles.

NATURAL HEADACHE REMEDY: One of the major causes of headache is stress. If the body is stressed so much, headache shows as symptom. Apart from rest, the other way to reduce headache is by taking portable water as it will help to relax your nerves, thereby reducing the symptom of headache.

IMPROVES SKIN COMPLEXION: There are controversies over the ability of water to improve skin complexion, however it is believed that the skin being an organ is made of cells and water helps the cells to survive, therefore is the skin gets enough water could become less dry and glows the skin colour.

PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS: Drinking much water can help the body to stop retaining water, hence it is one of the best ways to turn up the body fat-burning process which means when the body is hydrated, it enhances the burning up of fats.


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