The University of Copenhagen has announced 28 PhD positions with their Doctoral Programme, TALENT at the Faculty of Science.

 The University of Copenhagen has announced 28 PhD positions with their Doctoral Programme, TALENT at the Faculty of Science. The 28 PhD fellowships are in the following fields:

Biodiversity; biological sciences and bioinformatics; chemical sciences; computer sciences; earth and planetary systems sciences; environment, climate and sustainability; food sciences; health and genomics; mathematical sciences, statistics & economics; nano and materials sciences; natural science education; nutrition and sports; particle physics, astro physics and cosmology; plant sciences and biotechnology; quantum sciences and technology; ressource economics and global development.


All departments at the Faculty of Science participate in the TALENT programme: Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science, Department of Food and Resource Economics, Department of Food Science, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Department of Science Education, the Natural History Museum of Denmark and the Niels Bohr Institute.


The Doctoral Programme TALENT is offering 28 PhD scholarships in the above-mentioned 16 areas, commencing 1 January 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Description of SCIENCE and the 12 departments and the PhD School 

Research at SCIENCE rests on two pillars: on the one hand strong basic research, and on the other application-oriented research, which contributes to growth and employment and solves societal problems, for example within climate change, sustainable energy supplies, biological production, environmental challenges, food and water safety, lifestyle diseases and IT security.

SCIENCE’s researchers have received 13 grants from the European Research Council (ERC). In the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, SCIENCE’s researchers attracted approximately half of all the Marie Curie postdoc fellowships in Denmark. SCIENCE is also host to 15 Centers of Excellence financed by the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) with section heads participating in a further three. These accomplishments show that SCIENCE’s research environments have the academic weight to attract researchers at a high international level. This again testifies to the fact that the TALENT programme constitutes an extraordinary opportunity for doing a PhD.

The PhD School at SCIENCE, in which the TALENT PhD students will be enrolled, has over 1,100 students and app. 55% of them come from outside of Denmark, originating from 75 different countries. This means that even the PhD environment is highly international and competitive.

Read more about the research, the 12 departments and the PhD School at SCIENCE and the targeted training offered through the TALENT programme.


Job description 

The position is available for a 3-year period and the key tasks as a PhD student at SCIENCE are:

  • To manage and carry through the research project
  • Attend PhD courses
  • Write scientific articles and the PhD thesis
  • Teach and disseminate the research
  • To stay at an external research institution for a few months, preferably abroad
  • Work for the department.


Find out the requirements through the Scholarship Link


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