South Sudan Government Signs New Peace Deal with the Rebel Leader


There is a new deal between the South Sudan government and the rebel group. This deal is to see the rebel leader, Riek Machar  become the first vice president of the country

According to Aljazeera news “The deal sealed on Wednesday should be followed by a final one on August 5, Sudan’s Foreign Minister Al-Dierdiry Ahmed said at the signing ceremony in Khartoum.

Wednesday’s agreement aims at ending the country’s civil war, the Sudanese minister said.

“The power-sharing document has been signed and it addresses all pending issues during the transitional term,” said Ahmed as he announced the details of the pact.

“Salva Kiir will continue as president of South Sudan and Riek Machar will be the first vice president,” he said.

“There will be four other vice presidents shared between other political groups.”

Once a final peace deal is signed, it will give the rival groups three months to form a transitional government under the new format, which will then hold power for three years.

Ahmed said one issue that still needed to be resolved was how to share power at the level of regions and counties.

“The negotiations on this will continue until we have an agreement,” he said.

Some opposition groups had refused to sign Wednesday’s document but discussions with them were also continuing, he said.”

The new deal is expected to bring lasting peace in South Sudan after the war that started about 5 years ago.


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