Somalia and Ethiopia jointly invest in seaport project at the Red sea

Information Ministry said Monday that Somalia and Ethiopia will jointly invest in four ports in Somalia.

Ethiopia which is landlocked country has long been eyeing to invest Somalia’s seaport in Berbera, Bossaso and several others.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed on Saturday pledged to cooperate on several issues including the development of infrastructure and expanding visa services to promote cultural exchanges.

Speaking to media in Mogadishu, the country’s Information Minister, Dahir Mohamud Guelleh said entrepreneurs from both countries will jointly construct the ports to attract foreign investment So as to build their two countries.

“Among the issues the two leaders discussed is jointly investing four key sea ports between the two countries,” Guelleh said.

The minister noted that the two countries will work on investing in the leading ports so that it can serve both the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.

Mr. Guelleh said the cooperation between the two countries will also lead the construction of the main road networks linking Somalia to mainland Ethiopia.

Asked about concerns expressed by the public over the deal between the two countries, the Minister said the agreement between two the governments will be based on common interests of the two countries.

Guelleh said. “The public may raise questions over this issue as there were animosity and hostilities in the region for decades. To eradicate these hostilities, there should be solutions to create economic sources and interactions between the communities,” reported by Halbeeg.


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