What is Nigella Sativa?

NIGELLA SATIVA (N. sativa), also known as BLACK SEED or MIRACLE SEED is an annual flowering plant which grows between 20-90 cm tall. Its flowers are fragile with 4 – 5 colours such as yellow, white, pink and pale purple. Black seeds have been widely used in the treatment of different diseases, hence its popular name as miracle seeds. More so, in the Christian and Islamic literature, it is considered as one of the greatest forms of healing medicine (Tariq et al., 2008; Ahmad et al., 2013). Reports have it that it could be used to treat all diseases including HIV/ AIDS due to it GREATLY BOOSTS the immune system (Tariq et al., 2008; Ghanya et al., 2011; Ahmad et al., 2013; AQIYL 2014; Oman 2017). It is also believed that the bioactive component of the seed is the thymoquinone. Black seed is one of the top ranked evidence based herbal medicine.

Characteristics of Black Seed

Black seed is a small dicotyledonous plant which is between 2-3.5mm×1-2 mm. It is slightly aromatic and tastes bitter. On the outside it looks back while on the inside, it looks white. The black seed also contains oil globules which are in its polygonal cells. The oil extract from black seed is usually preferred to the consumption of the seed. This is because the Black Seed Oil can easily be absorbed in the body, hence more effective to enhance its health benefits.



Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil 

The health benefits of black seed oil are numerous as it can virtually treat all ailments. Our personal observed benefits of this black seed oil are in the use of it to treat heart related problems and it boosts libido. It also enhances hair growth. It can be used as food supplement for family well-being.  Meanwhile below are other 15 health benefits from other literature:

  1. Protects the Heart
  2. Anti-diarrheal
  3. Immunomodulator (boosts immune system)
  4. Liver tonic
  5. Anticancer
  6. Antibacterial
  7. Anti- inflammatory
  8. Anti- microbial
  9. Control blood pressure
  10. Protects the Kidney
  11. Enhances Memory
  12. Keep a check on Diabetes
  13. Fixes skin problems as well as glows the skin
  14. Gastro-protective
  15. Antioxidant properties etc.

Disadvantages of  Black Seed Oil 

Although this black seed oil is known for its numerous health benefits, however, if taken in excess affects your eyes as it causes blunt vision – that is our observed side effect of this great oil. Other known effects could be its ability to slow blood clotting, hence, could make bleeding condition worse. Therefore, it is advisable not to use black seed oil at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery. Another concern about black seed oil is its ability to low blood pressure, could make blood pressure too low for people with low blood pressure. Therefore, we always advice that people consult their doctors or physicians before using Black Seed Oil if that is your case.

Where to buy Original Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil can be purchased in the store outlets, however, purchasing an Organic Black Seed Oil  is better than purchasing those its extraction process are done with different forms of chemicals as their bioactive ingredients may be compromised due to chemical reactions between them. We recommend Viridian 100% Organic Black Seed Oil (usually 200 ml) as we have used it and other users’ reviews have also attested to its goodness. The product goes smoothly on the throat as against other similar products that are potentially offensive in tastes. You can purchase it through Amazon for convenient.



it is advisable to always consult your medical doctor or physician when taking any thing in form of medication. However in our research, most natural physicians and health experts recommend taking Black Seed Oil 5ml (1 small tea spoon) twice per day for therapeutic effects, while it could also be taken once per day to maintain normal good health. It is further recommended that the black seed oil is taken on an empty stomach, one hour before meal for good result.This is a good product for the family.


Let’s Know your View

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